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Date: 1/16/2014
Time: 6:00

Detectives' investigation reunites class ring to owner after 20 years

Tomorrow, the Arlington Police Department is delighted to reunite a Boswell High School class ring to its rightful owner after 20 years of being lost.  Join us Friday, January 17, 2014 at 9 a.m. in the Arlington Police Department Media Office to see this reunion unfold with Detective Eddie Green and the owner, Shelly Ragland.  

While investigating a residential burglary report in December, Detective Green determined the suspects were Andrew James Roberts and Leslie Ann Stark and issued a burglary arrest warrant on December 2, 2013.  Ten days later, he was informed by the Fort Worth Police Department that both Roberts and Stark were arrested and that their vehicle contained stolen property from recent residential burglaries in the region.  Arlington Pawn Detective Jim McRobbie observed a Boswell High School class ring with an inscription “Shelly K. Rhodes.”  He contacted Fort Worth P.D. in an attempt to identify a victim of theft concerning the Boswell High School ring. Fort Worth Detectives searched their database and located a name of Shelly Ragland who was a victim of an unrelated incident.  

Detective Green called Shelly Ragland and confirmed that her maiden name was Rhodes and that in fact it was her class ring. She was shocked and overjoyed that her class ring was found after all of these  years.  She clearly remembers losing her class ring at #1 Fun Street Amusement Park in the Mid-Cities area in the 90s and gave her name and phone number to the management staff.  While children were playing in the “Ball Pool,” they found the ring and gave it their mother who contacted guest services. There was never a reunion of the ring until now since the Good Samaritan was never able to return the ring to the rightful owner.
It appears that the Good Samaritan’s home was burglarized by Andrew Roberts and Leslie Stark. They both confirmed that all of the jewelry was stolen from various residences but could not identify the exact locations of the offenses which could have occurred around the North Texas region.


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