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Date: 4/21/2010
Time: 2:30 p.m.

Colorado officer who rescued new recruit's sister 17 years ago pins badge on new Arlington officer

At the graduation of Class #40 tomorrow (4/22/2010), recruits will become officers and join the ranks of the Arlington Police Department. Included in this class of 23 new officers are a Marine, Air Force investigator,  professional baseball player, and former teacher. There is also a recruit with a professional aeronautics engineering degree and a recent college graduate.

One police academy graduate will have his newly earned police badge pinned on him by the man who inspired him to become a police officer almost 17 years ago. Quan Nguyen was a young boy in 1993 when his sister drowned in a swimming pool at a party, but a police officer revived her with CPR. That officer saved the life of Quan’s older sister and sparked a deep interest in becoming a police officer for the boy. Quan’s inspiration, Sgt. Scott Wegscheider with the Brighton (Colorado) Police Department, is scheduled to attend Thursday’s graduation and pin Quan’s police badge on him during the ceremony.

Media is welcome to attend the ceremony and have access to recruit/Officer Nguyen and Sgt. Wegscheider for interviews. The graduation ceremony will take place at the MetroCenter in  Fielder Road Baptist Church (1323 W. Pioneer Parkway) at 3 p.m. Thursday, April 22, 2010.

Note – Quan Nguyen and Sgt. Scott Wegscheider will be available for about 20 minutes following the ceremony. Quan’s mother and possibly his sister will also be available. Quan’s sister was underwater for more than 10 minutes and suffered severe brain injuries as a result. Her condition on graduation date will determine if she attends.    

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