The Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.) program empowers citizens to actively patrol their neighborhoods and take steps towards solving problems and preventing new issues. The mission of C.O.P. members is to reduce crime in their specific patrol area through teamwork with citizens and cooperation with the Arlington Police Department. Members of C.O.P. are energetic volunteers and concerned citizens who take a proactive role in combating suspicious and illegal activity in their neighborhoods. Volunteers meeting the qualification requirements listed below will be required to attend four evening sessions of New C.O.P member orientation training (12 hours) that is generally offered twice a year. Upon completion, they will be issued ‘Citizens on Patrol’ magnet placards that they affix on their cars while patrolling their neighborhoods.


Qualifications for Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P)

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Successfully pass a complete criminal history
  • Successfully pass a departmental conducted driving history check.
  • Present proof of liability insurance coverage for your personal vehicle(s)
  • You must also meet one of the requirements listed below:
    • Be a member of an existing Community Watch Group.
    • Have graduated from the Citizens Police Academy
    • Be considered on Active, Accepted or In-Process status as a volunteer with the City of Arlington’s volunteer database.

Work Locations

In the neighborhood surrounding your residence.


The C.O.P. Mobile Program presents yet another opportunity for Arlington residents to partner with the Police Department and join the effort to make our communities even safer. C.O.P Mobile members patrol areas within their policing district with the use of a City owned vehicle.

The COP Mobile program is designed to reduce property crimes such as auto and residential burglaries by directing strategic patrols to areas in need of a visible presence. These vehicles are not designed in any way to resemble a police patrol car yet give a clear indication that the driver is trained to contact Police immediately if they view suspicious activity, a crime in progress or even a medical emergency.

Upon successful completion of the 12 hr Citizens on Patrol course, members can submit interest to join the COP Mobile Field Training Program. Arlington’s finest volunteers will spend a total of 24 logged hours teaching you how to patrol safely and effectively as a trained observer.

Qualifications for C.O.P. Mobile

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Complete 12 hour Citizens on Patrol course
  • Complete an additional 24 hours of field training

Work Locations

North, East, South, or West (view City of Arlington District map)


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