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Call No.
W310DISTURBANCE - DOMESTICE8/23/201409:18:24L14235P02585900 MELSTONE DR Map
E420ACCIDENT MAJOR18/23/201411:19:31L14235P03313000 E PARK ROW DR Map
S530ACCIDENT MAJOR18/23/201411:32:56L14235P03366000 S COOPER ST Map
N210INVESTIGATION18/23/201411:44:58L14235P03401900 N COOPER ST Map
W330INVESTIGATION18/23/201411:52:41L14235P03441600 PECAN CHASE CIR Map
W360DISTURBANCE - DOMESTIC18/23/201412:04:46L14235P03521900 VALLEY LN Map
W360ACCIDENT MAJOR18/23/201412:04:53L14235P03531900 S COOPER ST Map
S550DISTURBANCE - DOMESTIC18/23/201411:57:32L14235P03476000 JAMES RIVER DR Map
S580DISTURBANCE - DOMESTIC18/23/201412:02:43L14235P03511500 MT ZION DR Map
S530911 HANG UP28/23/201411:58:49L14235P03485600 S COOPER ST Map
W320THEFT REPORT38/23/201412:02:01L14235P03504800 US 287 HWY Map
N260JAIL TRANSFER38/23/201409:55:21L14235P0284600 W DIVISION ST Map
E480PARKING VIOLATION38/23/201412:06:29L14235P03542300 SPRINGCREST DR Map
E410TRAFFIC STOP38/23/201412:12:02L14235P03562500 E ABRAM ST Map
W350DISTURBANCE - LOUD MUSIC38/23/201411:51:37L14235P03424500 W PLEASANT RIDGE RD Map
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