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Call No.
E440DISTURBANCE19/20/201410:41:46L14263P0242900 ALETA ST Map
W310OVERDOSE19/20/201402:52:31L14263P01024500 LINDBERG DR Map
E480INVESTIGATION19/20/201410:44:10L14263P02462500 E ARKANSAS LN Map
E430WELFARE CHECK29/20/201410:22:04L14263P0233300 E PARK ROW DR Map
W360COMMERCIAL ALARM29/20/201410:19:27L14263P02292000 S FIELDER RD Map
W380COMMUNTY CONTACT39/20/201410:21:29L14263P02321600 W ARBROOK BLV Map
S540TRAFFIC STOP39/20/201410:47:32L14263P02481000 W I20 HWY Map
N270CRIMINAL MISCHIEF REPORT39/20/201410:42:13L14263P02431100 ARBOR TOWN CIR Map
W320MISCELLANEOUS OFFENSE39/20/201410:42:16L14263P02446500 TREEPOINT DR Map
N270**POSSESSION OF DRUG PARAPHERNALIA39/20/201410:39:40L14263P0241700 E DIVISION ST Map
S570PARKING VIOLATION39/20/201409:59:24L14263P02167600 TIN CUP DR Map
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