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SWAT Commanders, team leaders and assistant team leaders (current and future)


The focus of the course will be placed on reviewing traits and skill as they relate to the leadership and command and control of high risk operations. I fully understand that you have many well established special operation teams in your region however, the subjects taught will be geared towards current US and international best practices for law enforcement special operation teams.

Alan Brosnan
President - Tactical Energetic Entry Systems, LLC
Alan spent twelve years in the New Zealand Army, the last nine being with the Special Air Service (S.A.S.). He served several tours with the counter terrorist team, and finally as assault group commander was responsible for the training and management of all entry team personnel. Alan moved to the United States in 1989 and has been active in law enforcement and military training ever since. In 1992, Alan became a reserve deputy with the DeSoto County (Mississippi) Sheriff’s Department where his job descriptions have included entry man, breacher and SWAT instructor. Since 1993, Alan has worked for the U.S. Department of State’s Anti-terrorism Assistance Program that trains foreign law enforcement officers in skills associated with counter terrorism. His main areas of expertise were the Crisis Response Team, Breaching and Tactical Command & Control Courses.

Todd Taylor
Instructor - Tactical Energetic Entry Systems, LLC
Todd M. Taylor retired after 20 years of service as a Senior Police Officer from the Des Moines, Iowa Police Department. Additionally, he is a former United States Marine and is a retired firearms instructor from the 132nd Security Forces Squadron, Iowa Air National Guard. During his service with the Police Department, Todd spent 18 years on their fulltime Tactical Unit where his assignments included entry team leader, sharpshooter and firearms instructor. Since 1995, Todd has worked on contract for the US Department of State’s Anti-terrorism Assistance Program that trains foreign law enforcement officers in skills associated with counter terrorism. His specialty duties included instructing on the Crisis Response Team, Sniper and Tactical Command and Control courses.

Leadership overview
Traits and principals of Leadership
Introduction to command and control
Concepts of command and management
Organization of a Crisis Response Team (CRT)
Roles and tasks of a CRT
Selection process for a CRT
Equipment selection
Training Design
Principles of close quarter battle
Hostage rescue operations
Dignitary protection operations
Current trends involving the explosive breaching option
Command and control of a mission
Establishing a tactical command post
The assault process
Operations orders
Operational case studies


Arlington Police Training Academy
6000 West Pioneer Parkway
Arlington, Texas 76013-2842


July 9-11, 2012


Tactical Energetic Entry Systems, LLC



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